Thursday, 14 June 2012


| Top - H&M | Denim - Orro by Belezza | Shoes - Claudia Ghizzani | Necklace - Claire’s | Ring - Action |

I’m already the whole week ill, so a short outfitpost today!
I´m addicted to sweaters. Preferably oversized and colorful ones, just like this! When I saw this one, I was directly in love, the look is just so me! Because of the color you can wear the whole year long; a nice color for autumn, warm for winter, the happy-feeling for spring and perfect for cold summernights.
The necklace is from the Claire’s. I saw one at Accesoirize, (almost) exactly the same! I didn’t buy that one, but I really get regret of that. Fortunately I saw this one by the Claire’s, and also much cheaper! I love peacockfeathers (although I hate the peacocks themsleves ;).
I have bought the ring at the Action. The Action?! Yes, the Action. I was there and I saw these rings, for only €0,79! There were also very ugly ones, but I have bought three who were very nice. They fade, but when you put top-coat on it, it stays good. Unfortunately I didn’t knew that, so mine were already fade..
Love x,

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  1. I like this outfit :)

    Nathalie (giveaway online!)