Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Hi people!
Are you enjoying your holiday as so far? Ther weather here in Holland is terrible, so I can't wait to go to Italy! ♥
But because of the bad weather, I have a lot of time, so I decided to pimp up my old jeans into the well known american flag shorts. I saw it on different blogs and on the street, I love it!
My shorts aren't perfect, and I'm not sure if I used the right paint (so I hope the paint stays!), but I'm happy with the result!
Here you see the steps and the result, hope you like it!

What do you need?
- (old) jeans or shorts
- a pen
- printed stars, mine were 5 cm
- scissors
- textile paint in the colors red, blue and white
- some old newspapers

Step 1; Take some old jeans or shorts.
Step 2; Measure the length of the shorts with some well fitted shorts of yourself.

Step 3; Cut the line and.. the shorts are born!

Step 4; draw with a pen the stars and the stripes on the shorts. I used a  printed star, and I had drawn that one, because I'm not that good at drawing stars (;

Step 5; Paint, paint, paint ..

Step 6; Doneee (:

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


|| Blouse - B.Young | Legging - Pieces | Shoes - Claudia Ghizzani | Bag - Roberto d´Angelo | Belt - New
Look (Belongs to dress) | Bracelet - Bijou Brigitte | Ring - Vintage ||

I love the bright coulous of the top, so good for summer. The legging is a little basic, but it´s a beautiful colour, especially with the orange. I love high waist jeans, leggings and shorts. That´s why I love this legging so much. The bag, belt and shoes make this outfit complete.


Saturday, 7 July 2012


Yesterday I went tot The Hague (Dutch: Den Haag) and Rotterdam with my best friend. We went inter alia to the Primark. I'm really happy with my new stuff, but the shop, pfffff. It was so busy and the clothes were everywhere, except where they belong to be. And the queue for the fitting room seemed endless.
Our holiday just began, so I have bought some stuff for the summer. I'm really excited, I'm going to Italy this summer. Where are you guys going?
Here are some of my buys;

Jeans - Primark  €11 || Bag - Primark  €14 || Scarf - Primark €1

I'm addicted to Gossip Girl, as you can see ..

On a local market in my hometown was a stand with a lot of nail polish for only €1 ! Just love this light purple one! (on the photo it doesn't really look like purple, I know)

From the Bershka sale, love that shop! €15,99

I'm a big fan of Rihanna, so I directly felt in love with this top ♥ €10

Snake skin shoes from Primark. €8

I wish you all a great holiday, see ya!
xoxo Eva

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Hi guys,
Today we finished our school project! Our project involved that had to make a blog and post a month long, every day a blogpost.
Today was the last day of that month, and we are really proud of the result! We love you all, who visited our blog and/or leaved a comment.
We will keep up the posting, but maybe not everyday anymore. So please keep visiting our blog!
Much love ♥
Eva & Maureen

Monday, 2 July 2012


Hi guys!
Today was our annual sports day. I did survivalling and kayaking, it was okay, beacuse the weather was nice (:
Yesterday I was (again) in Amsterdam. I went to the Bijenkorf and I've bought the Coca Cola by Jean Paul Gaultier bottles! I love them! And I got a free glass (;

My bottles and free glass of Jean Paul Gaultier.

Coca Cola works with a lot of designers, here are some examples.

Some months ago I went to the Coca Cola exposition in Gent, Belgium. On the last photo you see some of the designer-collaborations of Coca Cola.

Much love,
Eva ♥

Sunday, 1 July 2012


|| Dress - New Look | Shoes - Tommy Hilfiger ||

Today I have a short outfit post. I love the dress, it´s really my style. I bought it at the sale from New Look.