Saturday, 30 June 2012


|| Top - New Look || Jeans - Only || Shoes - Pull & Bear || Bag - Vogue magazine || Bracelets - Vintage ||

Sorry for the late blogpost! Today I went to Amsterdam to visit the launch of the AMFI magazine/yearbook. I'm in it, that's why I was invited. I really like the result! Here are some pictures; (sorry for the bad scanned pictures, I hope I get the photos soon digital, so I can show you the pictures in good quality)

The covers of the magazine and the yearbook of AMFI. (photo from

Some photos of my editorial;

What I was wearing today;

Friday, 29 June 2012


|| Sunglasses - V&D | Sunglasses - H&M | Sunglasses - Switch-it | Sunglasses - Unknown ||

It´s very hot today and I decided to get my sunglasses. Here are some pictures of them. I really love the concept of the Switch-it sunglasses. You can switch the sides of the frame. Because Switch-it has got over 300 sides, you can get a lot of different styles. You can change the sunglasses, so you can combine with every outfit you want. They have sides made from acetate, but also from leather, salmon leather, jeans, wood and even cork. And the front of the frame are in many different styles. I’ve a black one and a brown one.


With my sunglasses from the V&D

My sunglasses from the V&D

My brown sunglasses 

My Switch-it sunglasses 

My sunglasses  from Switch-it

 Sides from switch-it

A side from Switch-it

Sides from Switch-it

Thursday, 28 June 2012


|| Lace Top - Bershka || Shorts - H&M || Shoes - Converse || Bracelets - Vintage || Watch - Vintage || Sunglasses - H&M || Necklace - Miss Etam ||

I found time to make some outfitpictures today! Our test week is finally almost over, yay (: Only one day to go, and then we have vacation!
Another outfit with my Berschka lace top! This time with nice shorts from the H&M. The fabric is so soft, I love it! I bought it in December or something, but now I can finally wear it, it was 27 degrees today!
Hope you like it!
Eva ♥

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


|| Top - Amy & Ivy ||

A couple of days ago I bought this great top. As you can see, it has a pattern with cars
, which I really like. With the light colours it´s perfect for summer. I can´t wait to wear this!


Tuesday, 26 June 2012


| Top - H&M | Blazer - H&M | Denim - Outfitters Nation | Bag - H&M | Shoes - Pull & Bear | Necklace - Claire’s | Bracelet - vintage | Ring - Action |

Again a short outfitpost today, I'm so sorry! But after the testweek I'm back with new outfitposts (:
I told you some blogs earlier (in ‘red & snow’) that I loveeeee burgundy. This is the simple top which I have bought at the H&M. Here I wear it very classic with black leather ankle boots, a brown bag and a big necklace.
I’m in love with the shoes too, I bought it at Pull & Bear at Tilburg some moths ago. They are so warm and they fit perfect! It gives my outfit some more class, it’s definitely worth that 80 euros! I love Pull & Bear, it’s really my kind of style!
Love x,

Monday, 25 June 2012


|| Top - Kult | Jeans - Orro by Belezza | Shoes - Pimkie | Bracelet - Vintage ||

I love the combination of pastel and flowers. I think this top is even more beautiful in combination with simple denim items like the shoes.


Sunday, 24 June 2012


| Sweater - Mango | Denim - Only| Shoes - All Star | All bracelets - vintage |

I have one guilty pleasure; every month I take the Mango-magazine. I almost never buy someting there, but I loveeee the magazines. So, when I saw the March-magazine in the shop, I sneaky walked in and take it with me. I know, they’re free, but it’s just a little bit embarrasing to walk in, take the magazine, and walk out. This time I didn’t want that, so I just walked in, looked at the clothes, but wooooow, that cover was stunning! I grab it and walked out. My friend said that it wasn’t very discrete, oops, fail...
I directly was in love with the sweater on one of the first pages, and Kate Moss made it even more beautiful. The next day I ran back to the Mango, but unfortunately, it wasn’t already in stock.
BUT NOW I HAVE IT. I really really love it, it’s just so my style! My wardrobe counts a lot of oversized sweaters, and the colors makes it one of my favorites. I love the combination with the casual shoes and not much jewelry. I think it’s very cute.
After I had made these pictures I went to the fleamarket with my friend. At one stand, there was a huge bin with this bracelets in a lot of colors. I waded trough the bin and found these two colors, they are exactly the same colors as the sweater!
The photos aren’t that great I think, sorry for that. But I’m too busy and the weather is too bad to make some new pics..
Love x,

Saturday, 23 June 2012


|| Top - H&M | Jeans - Orro by Belezza | Shoes - Pimkie | Ring - Six | Bracelet - Vintage ||

On top of the roof! Here I enjoyed my holiday on a roof top in Paris. Where else would one like to be? I like the colours of this outfit, they are warm and it gives me a exotic feeling. I think the shoes are great, just perfect for the city! Hope to live here one day….



Friday, 22 June 2012


Hi people,
Today our testweek started, and we have to learn very much :(
How about you? Do you have a testweek?

Today my blogpost is about the Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoe. I think everybody saw it at least once. On I always see a lot of great pictures with this shoe, and, I admit, I'm in love. I really really really want a pair of Lita shoes! At the moment this is my favourite;
You can buy them at, a great online shop! I actually don't know what I love about this shoe, it's just.. beautiful! This ones are quite casual, you can wear them with almost everything. I also really love the velvet burgundy ones and the black shoes with studs.
There's only one thing; the price. It's €214,95, and I'm a student without a job.. 
Here are some inspiration-photos of the lita shoes;

I also really like these sandals, called the Puffer ST. They're from Jeffrey Campbell too! When you wear it it's just like there's nothing around your feet, only the studs. The sandals are €139,95.

Has anyone else an obsession for this shoes too? (;

Love & have a nice weekend!

Picture at the top and the last picture from & the other ones from