Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Aloha people!
For me today was a very exciting day, because I'm a big fan of Rihanna. And today the new single was for the first time on the radio at 2 PM! So I had Art atm, and I could sneaky listen to the song, via a livestream from a New York radio! Omg I was so excited! The teacher thought I was searching for examples of paintings online hahah!
How was your day?
But ok, enough of that. I have a new outfitpost for you (: I hope you like it!
The top is from Maureen, it's really cute and perfect for autumn! The shoes are too from Maureen, she has them in 3 diffirent colors - she is such a shoe-addict, haha!

Monday, 17 September 2012


|| Sweater - H&M || Pants - H&M || Bag - Six || Ring - ? || Shoes - Converse All Star ||

Hi guys,
How are you?
Because it's already quite cold in Holland, here's a outfitpost with a winteroutfit. I've bought the sweater almost one year ago, in the sale at the H&M, but I still love it! It's so warm and cosy hihi
The pants are great I think, I've bought them a week ago, I love burgundy!
And, yeees, did you see it? I have new All Stars! I was addicted to my old All Stars, the low light-yellow ones you saw definitely once at the blog. But they were quite old, actually, only 1.5 years but I wear them really often.. So now I have new ones and I'm really happy with it! :D
Oh and the bag is from the Six, It was only €3! There was a big sale in our city, all jewelry were €1 and the scarfs, bags, etc. €3 (: I've bought a bag, a purse and a scarf there!
Now I have to do more homework, so I hope you like my pics and I see you soon!
Much love,

Friday, 14 September 2012


Hi people,
Maureen and I have made some new outfitpictures today!
Unfortunately, the weather was really bad. So much wind and rain ):
Our shoes were completely destroyed, so thank you guys (;

Saturday, 8 September 2012


Hello there!
How are you guys doing? This week I went to school... I already can´t wait till the next break (;
Some weeks ago I showed you a preview of my shoot for Fashionmilk ( ) and now you can see me at that site!
I did a shoot, you can see the results + a backstage movie here -->
And also a short interview. Sorry for the other people, but it's in Dutch. You can read it here -->
Hope you like it!
x Eva

PS Am I the only one who thinks Blogger is really annoying with placing pictures in your blogpost?