Sunday, 24 June 2012


| Sweater - Mango | Denim - Only| Shoes - All Star | All bracelets - vintage |

I have one guilty pleasure; every month I take the Mango-magazine. I almost never buy someting there, but I loveeee the magazines. So, when I saw the March-magazine in the shop, I sneaky walked in and take it with me. I know, they’re free, but it’s just a little bit embarrasing to walk in, take the magazine, and walk out. This time I didn’t want that, so I just walked in, looked at the clothes, but wooooow, that cover was stunning! I grab it and walked out. My friend said that it wasn’t very discrete, oops, fail...
I directly was in love with the sweater on one of the first pages, and Kate Moss made it even more beautiful. The next day I ran back to the Mango, but unfortunately, it wasn’t already in stock.
BUT NOW I HAVE IT. I really really love it, it’s just so my style! My wardrobe counts a lot of oversized sweaters, and the colors makes it one of my favorites. I love the combination with the casual shoes and not much jewelry. I think it’s very cute.
After I had made these pictures I went to the fleamarket with my friend. At one stand, there was a huge bin with this bracelets in a lot of colors. I waded trough the bin and found these two colors, they are exactly the same colors as the sweater!
The photos aren’t that great I think, sorry for that. But I’m too busy and the weather is too bad to make some new pics..
Love x,

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  1. your sweater is really cool, nice buy!