Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Hi people!
Are you enjoying your holiday as so far? Ther weather here in Holland is terrible, so I can't wait to go to Italy! ♥
But because of the bad weather, I have a lot of time, so I decided to pimp up my old jeans into the well known american flag shorts. I saw it on different blogs and on the street, I love it!
My shorts aren't perfect, and I'm not sure if I used the right paint (so I hope the paint stays!), but I'm happy with the result!
Here you see the steps and the result, hope you like it!

What do you need?
- (old) jeans or shorts
- a pen
- printed stars, mine were 5 cm
- scissors
- textile paint in the colors red, blue and white
- some old newspapers

Step 1; Take some old jeans or shorts.
Step 2; Measure the length of the shorts with some well fitted shorts of yourself.

Step 3; Cut the line and.. the shorts are born!

Step 4; draw with a pen the stars and the stripes on the shorts. I used a  printed star, and I had drawn that one, because I'm not that good at drawing stars (;

Step 5; Paint, paint, paint ..

Step 6; Doneee (:


  1. I think you did a great job - they are super cool!!!
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  2. lovely blog. please visit also mine and tell me what you think of my newest post <3

  3. Woooowww that's a lot of work and dedication...looks great!!!


  4. these shorts are great! they would have been great for 4th of July in U.S.!
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    thanks! xo

  5. Super leuk gedaan! Leuke blog! liefs

  6. Super leuk gedaan, is echt mooi geworden :) x