Tuesday, 21 August 2012


hello there!
The 16th of August was my birthday! I had a amazing day with the girls, love them!
And now I'm here to make you jealous with my awesome presents in this short blogpost (;
much kisses
xo Eva

1. My family knows I'm a magazine addict! At the left you see the Indian Vogue, because I collect all the Vogue's of the world (:
2. A H&M Giftcard, a lipgloss and a awesome two-finger-ring with a moustache, thank you sis!

3. Lovely jewelery.
4. Bath-stuff.
5. A very cool present;  Wonka Rainbow Nerds, small sweets with all the colors of the rainbow! And 
at the right two face-masks and a nail file from crystal.
6. Nail polish and perfume in a cute bottle.
7. Chocolate and typically Dutch sweets, yum! And a flower garland for your bike, but I hang it in my room (:

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